Short Story: His Headaches (Part 2)

Aaron's lunch with his wife had been consumed with thoughts of Juliet's bewildered face. He could see her trying to piece together the things he had told her and what stood before her. Aaron had tried convincing Sheila that he would meet her at her doctor's appointment but she wanted to have lunch with him … Continue reading Short Story: His Headaches (Part 2)

Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

"Good morning Juliet." "Good morning Mr. Dobson," Juliet responds smiling. Seeing him walk in with that beautiful smile speaking her name the way he does is the highlight of Juliet's day. Aaron Dobson is a rugged chocolate man who stands a good six feet tall and weighs in at about two hundred and fifty pounds. … Continue reading Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

A Friendly Betrayal 1.5: Alicia & The Platonic Cuddler (Erotic)

"Gavin what are you doing here," Alicia questions her soon to be ex-husband who is some how standing outside of her new home. A home that she hadn't yet given him the address yet here he stands. "We need to talk," he demands, trying to push himself into her home with the same force he … Continue reading A Friendly Betrayal 1.5: Alicia & The Platonic Cuddler (Erotic)

What I’m Thinking: Planned Parenthood Protesters

So today as I am driving down Forest Park Avenue enjoying the sun and breeze of another beautiful day I come to a red light at Boyle Avenue. Which if you live in the St. Louis area you know this to be the corner where Planned Parenthood is located. As I sit there looking at … Continue reading What I’m Thinking: Planned Parenthood Protesters

Short Story: All Their Husbands 1.5: Stalker

"Danny wants me to meet his kids," Gayla comes out with unexpectedly. Mya doesn't know what to say. This is new territory for both of them. "What do you think? It's too soon right? I mean we only really started dating a couple of months ago." "Well every relationship is different." Since both of them … Continue reading Short Story: All Their Husbands 1.5: Stalker

Short Story: Parking Dispute

They pull up at the same time, almost. Chantel pulls her white 2018 Mercedes jeep around first with enough time to back into Storm's assigned spot.  Each tenant of the twenty aparment complex, whose name was on a lease got an assigned parking spot. "Were there no spots across the street," Storm asks out of … Continue reading Short Story: Parking Dispute

What I’m Thinking: How Old Is Too Young to Teach Feminism? Or Do You?

Recently I was scrolling through Facebook and found a shared post with a woman saying she was teaching her daughter that if a boy is hitting you on the playground because he likes you it is not okay. Which sure if the little girl is complaining about it, usually because she doesn't like him, then … Continue reading What I’m Thinking: How Old Is Too Young to Teach Feminism? Or Do You?

Short Story: What To Do

Jackie and Nicole's week at The World's Playground had started off on a perfect roll. During the day the two patronized the Boardwalk shopping, enjoying spa treatments, restaurants, parasailing and just smelling the ocean. Meeting a few acquaintances along the way who were happy to treat them to expensive dinners and high-end night clubs for their … Continue reading Short Story: What To Do

Short Story: Ellie (Erotic)

Ellie sits listening intently to the presenter standing in the pit of the auditorium.  With her notepad and pen she takes notes trying desperately to ignore the guy staring at her from across the room. No man has any affect on her life right now. She doesn't want or need one, at least no right … Continue reading Short Story: Ellie (Erotic)