Short Story: Ellie (Erotic)

Ellie sits listening intently to the presenter standing in the pit of the auditorium.  With her notepad and pen she takes notes trying desperately to ignore the guy staring at her from across the room. No man has any affect on her life right now. She doesn’t want or need one, at least no right now. 

No she is there to listen to the attorney teaching the class on the laws of starting up a small business.

Ellie knows she stands out with her copper toned skin and large red fro that matches the freckles along her nose and cheeks so she understands when people take a longer glance at her.  Large almond-shaped eyes surrounded by plush lashes with just a hint of mascara and full lips perfectly colored with a pink neutral lip gloss.  Her large round breast sit firm with equally round hips made many men stare with lust and just as many women glare with envy. But with all that being said they were in a learning environment and he couldn’t be absorbing any information staring at her. She is there to learn and not meet  men.

No today she is trying to pull together a plan to open Beautiful Ladies beauty bar. Although Ellie enjoyed a natural look, not wanting to conceal or cover her freckles, it was her passion to make other women beautiful no matter the colors they want incorporated into their make up. It started off with her just doing her friends before a night out. It didn’t take long for her to start getting inquiries from other women about doing their make up for a birthday party or a date night with their guy. Then came the wedding request and photo shoots. All of which she slayed. It has become time for her to habe somewhere she could have appointments or walk ins without going to a stranger’s home or inviting one to hers. She would still travel for photo shoots, weddings and other events but a beauty bar could bring in a steadier stream of income. So yeah she has plans, plans that doesn’t include the attention or distraction of  men.

These were Ellie’s thoughts as she caught him still staring at her across the auditorium. As hard as she try not to her eyes keep drifting back to him. Each time she looks at him he is grinning and smiling at her. But Ellie has her mind made up, she has more important things to worry about. Who she is and where her life is going is at the top of the list of worries. Not that she didn’t want a husband and a beautiful family someday, of course she did. She like most women want to get dressed in a beautiful gown, not necessarily white, and walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams. Ellie just thought it would be more important to be in love with herself first, be whole first Before this revelation Ellie thought all she did was fall in love. Over and over again she fell in love with the wrong men. Men she thought would love her if she just did and said the right thing. With each unworthy love a piece of her heart broke. With each love no understanding of what went wrong. Fell in love with men who lied with so much sincerity that Ellie thought they loved her too.

“So that completes this course,” the presenter speaks finishing up at the front of the room. Ellie keeps her eyes forward refusing to turn to the stare that she feels burning through her. Because that is not what she is here for. When she knew she wanted Beautiful Ladies she started investing in herself with cosmetology classes learning about skin care and receiving her license. She also started advertising herself, this was what she is here for. This class was helping her take the next step. Staring eyes are not going to knock her off her game.

“The packets I gave you at the beginning of the class has further reading resources under each of the legal categories we have discussed. Also a list of courses both online and one day presentations such as this one that may be of additional help. I wish you all the best of luck on your endeavors,” the instructor states  before packing up his material.

Ellie quickly stands and switches her perfectly plump hips out the class with the starer watching. With a quick pace she makes her way to the door hoping to avoid him. Although she knew she should be concentrating on Beautiful Ladies she knew her weakness to the male species would cause her to fold. Each time she caught him staring she caught a glimpse of his beautiful features. Smooth chocolate skin, soft lips surrounded by a full beard and a clean lining around his fresh haircut.  Then there was the muscles in his arms and chest.

Just make it to the door, she keeps repeating to herself.

But he is on her relentlessly as he rushes in her direction, “Hey beautiful, you got somewhere to be,” he questions still smiling.

“Home,” Ellie answers not slowing her steps. Not giving him eye contact she continues her strut to exit the building. To get away from him.

“Would you like to get something to eat?”

Bingo. Ellie thinks spinning around. Although she doesn’t want the distraction of a man she loves to eat. More importantly she likes to eat for free, but who doesn’t. They had been in that classroom all day with just a thirty minute break. She had plans of going home and fixing up some crab legs, blackened salmon and a salad but this offer is even better.

“Sure,” she finally answers.  Looking at him she takes in his beautiful but average look. Took in his blue button up and blue jeans all fitting his thick form deliciously.

As the crowd moves around them Ellie asks, because she knew even though he was showing an interest no one was completely single, about his singleness. Thinking again of her past heart breaks, from past experience that many men liking to juggle multiple women. Men who liked to keep their child’s mother close enough to keep sexing but far enough to pretend they weren’t in a relationship. Men who liked to play in an open field.

“Is there someone who would have a problem with you having dinner with me?”

“What do you mean,” he asks looking at her with what appears to be genuine confusion.

“Do you have a chick?”

“No,” he answers with a now serious look on his face.

“Ok,” Ellie concedes. She doesn’t really care if he does or doesn’t because this isn’t going any farther than her free dinner.

As he swings the door open for her she watches as the muscles in his arm flex under the strain of the fabric that conceals them. His bright smile returns and Ellie knew that she would regret agreeing to go as much as she would enjoy it.

They decide to walk to a steak restaurant a couple of blocks over from the college campus and take in the beautiful day. The walk gives them time to talk which is awkward for Ellie. She is enjoying his company but worried about the after math of not wanting to see him again. Will she take his number and not call or give him a fake number are the questions tumbling through her head.

Once they were at the restaurant the conversation continues with Ellie sipping a Patron margarita and him having a beer.

“You didn’t say what brought you to the class today. Or do you just do this to pick up girls,” she asks jokingly but seriously.

Letting out a deep chuckle he answers, “An auto shop.”

“Oh really. Are you going to be fair priced,” she asks with a smirk. Everyone has dealt with an overpriced mechanic at some point.

Looking genuinely insulted he puts a hand to his hard chest, “No, I have two sisters, a mother and host of aunts and female cousins. I wouldn’t want anyone doing that to them. What about you? What’s your business?”

“Want to do makeup professionally in my own space as my own boss.”

“Boss chick shit that’s dope,” he states smiling at Ellie.

“Yeah I think so,” she comments smiling proud of her damn self.

Once their food arrives the conversation dies down enough for Ellie to regret enjoying talking to him. As they both cut their steaks she lookd over at him and thought maybe. Maybe he could be different. She thought he seemed genuinely interested in her. She thought maybe they could build empires together. But as soon as those thoughts finishes she thought about other lost loves she had seen potential in while overlooking the potential assholes they could be.

Time is slipping away as the conversation starts back up. He continues questioning Ellie on her likes and dislikes of certain things with her flipping the question on him. Then she would ask a question which he would flip and ask her to answer. It was like a real date and Ellie was getting anxious again with how it would end.

Talking of relationships come and gone he tells Ellie he hasn’t been in one since his sons mother two years ago. As she listens she pulls her scattered thoughts together. She knows that no matter how great he could be she didn’t need the distraction of a man. The distraction from the constant questions. Is he going to call today? Will he want to see me? What if he doesn’t call? What if he doesn’t want to see me? What should I wear? How’s my hair? Is it too soon for sex? Will he call or care after the sex? All of these questions from the anxiety of a new relationship. In Ellie’s opinion men just lead to questions that just lead to distractions.

Finishing up their meal he pays the bill before they start their walk back to the college campus. Reaching the building they were in earlier Ellie comments that she needs to go to the restroom.

“I will go with you then walk you back out to your car if you don’t mind.”

Shit, was the first thing that came to Ellie’s mind. Now they were just prolonging it.

It ss getting dark so how could she mind him being a gentleman. No she couldn’t mind and still be a woman complaining about chivalry being dead.

“Of course not.”

After relieving her bladder Ellie goes to the sink to wash her hands. Washing her hands she hears the door open. She doesn’t pay it much attention because although close to empty on a Friday evening the campus isn’t closed. But when she turns there isn’t another woman walking in to utilize the facility but the smiling face of her dinner companion. Sober she may have freaked out with this man in here with her but with the Patron in her she doesn’t know what to think. As she watches him walk toward her, her body has the opposite reaction for what she needs at this moment. She is supposed to be getting away from him with no connections but at that moment all she wants to do is connect with him.

His broad shoulders and thick chest moving toward her she has to ask, “What are you doing in here?”

Without an answer he is on her sucking her lips and palming her ass in a way she welcomes. No she hasn’t forgotten her rules of no men. But how far could this go, she thinkd starting to feel up on the body she had spent the evening admiring. Rubbing her hands down his back, along his arms taking in every ripple and curve of him.

His lips move to Ellie’s neck as his hands go to squeeze her large breast. Ellie’s head falls back in as she is pulled into ecstasy enjoying his hands on her the way she had imagined during dinner. Her knees weaken each time he pinches her nipple through the fabric of her dress, and he was just getting started with her.

He smiles down at her when his hands goes under her dress to find her ass bare of material. Rubbing and squeezing her cheeks as he bites and sucks her lips causes Ellie to moan and roll her ass into the palms of his strong enormous hands. She knows that at any moment someone could come in that door and catch them but she doesn’t care. Cared even less as he spread her ass cheeks bringing cool air and a heated sensation between her special lips. She wants him to finish what he started and do everything he has planned.

When he drops to his knees she gets her wish with him raising her dress and pulling one of her legs over his shoulder. With him on his knees she watches the mirror imagine of what he is doing to her. As she feels his tongue caress her, she closes her eyes and say a silent prayer that no one comes in. Then she falls into the euphoria of the work he is putting in.

His tongue darting in and out of her as he gives her special lips the best french kiss she has ever experienced. Working her hips it isn’t long before Ellie begins to lose control of her moans and the strength in her legs. Hands still on her ass he holds her up and in place for the tongue lashing he is delivering. Holds her in place so that he can drink everything she is leaking out.

Ellie doesn’t think her body will ever stop shivering. Doesn’t think he will ever stop sucking. Doesn’t think that he can hold her up through it all but he doea. And when she is all out he stands with a satisfied grin, pleased with the wobbly knees he has given her.

As Ellie pulls herself together, searching desperately for her composure he gets some wet paper towels to clean her up. She is still trying to pull herself together as they walk out of the restrooms, her on shaking legs and him still grinning. Breathing just getting under control when they walk into a chick who looks lost.

“What the hell? I have been looking all over for you and texting you like crazy. Where have you been?”

Sure she isn’t talking to her Ellie doesn’t answer but neither does he. Ellie keeps walking, takes the opportunity for what it was and gets away from the potential distraction. Gets away because nothing can kill her Patron vibe or the sexual high. A hot bath, her remote and a fresh glass of wine would put her right to sleep.

“Who is that,” she can hear the girl questioning behind her. Ellie wants to tell the girl she was just a minute from catching her distraction face timing her. Almost told her how he sees himself as single and has for the last two years but again she doesn’t want anything to ruin her high. So she leaves the coochie muncher to explain with her juices still on his lying tongue. If his chick leaned in just a bit closer she would get a whiff of Ellie’s essence.

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