Short Story: His Headaches (Part 2)

Aaron’s lunch with his wife had been consumed with thoughts of Juliet’s bewildered face. He could see her trying to piece together the things he had told her and what stood before her. Aaron had tried convincing Sheila that he would meet her at her doctor’s appointment but she wanted to have lunch with him first. Then he tried convincing her that he would meet her at the restaurant, drive them to the appointment and pick her car up the next morning. Again Sheila had other plans and he just couldn’t say no to his wife.

The flowers he had sent were to sugar coat the blow he knew Juliet would be getting that afternoon. He had also been hoping to get downstairs before his wife had an opportunity to come up.

Despite his recent indiscretions Aaron loves his wife. Sheila had not only been his high school sweetheart but his best friend. Growing up Aaron’s father could sometimes be hard on him even to the point of abuse so Sheila always left a window open for him. Whenever home became too much for him he had Sheila as his safe place.
Happiness consumed Aaron since they were finally having a child together. Only thing is pregnant Sheila hasn’t been as fun as non pregnant Sheila. Yes her pussy is juicier even tastier to him but he can’t be as rough as he would like, as he used to be. Hurting her or the baby always crossed his mind. He missed tossing and flipping his wife. Missed being able to fuck her with no apologies.

“Hey baby, you okay,” Sheila questions as he pays their bill at the Oyster Bar.

“I’m good, did you enjoy your lunch?”

“I did. Did you? You seemed to have just picked over it,” she says gesturing with the to-go box of his leftovers.

“Well you won with the leftovers. You and Junior,” he states rubbing her belly.

Helping his wife into the car his mind wonders back to Juliet, then Jaime. Aaron had never dreamed of cheating on Sheila in their married life. Sure when they were younger and she had returned the favor. Definitely played around when they considered themselves on a break, but never since saying his vows.

He would always love his wife, he would always make love to her. He just also always needed to be able to fuck.

Aaron’s attraction to his first assistant Jaime didn’t start with the pregnancy. He had always found her curves a work of art and her eyes a hypnotic ocean. She always came to work with skirts just above her knees that covered her ass perfectly with a shirt that always showed just enough cleavage.

One night while working late on presentation details for a contract with The Grand, a luxury hotel with apartments in the Central West End things happened. Just like with Juliet the lady poured drinks from the bar cart in his office. Unlike Juliet he and Jaime had consumed a lot more to drink and much later into the evening.

“You are so smart Aaron. The Grand will be crazy not to sign the contract,” Jaime had gushed.

“Well thank you for that and for your help. Thank you for your time this evening also.”

“If you don’t succeed I don’t succeed,” she slurred. Maybe she had poured herself more glasses than she could actually handle. Her shoes were kicked off into the corner, blazer slung over a chair and her jet black her hung loosely over her shoulders.

Aaron hadn’t been with many white women but when he had they were always drop dead gorgeous everything that described Jaime. Long jet black her that touched her back-side, full natural beautiful lips and a pair of ocean blue eyes framed by dark lashes and brows.

Aaron stood, “Please sit. I’m going to put on a pot of coffee, we both can use it.”

By this point the two had worked plenty of late nights together, usually with a drink but that night they had both had more than necessary.

When Aaron returned to his office he held two mugs of black coffee with plans of finishing up and getting home to his beautiful newly pregnant wife. But Jaime had other plans.


She lay with her body folded and draped over one chair. Her legs were swung over one arm hiking her skirt up and head laid back over the other arm pushing her breast farther up.

“Jaime,” Aaron calls out. When she does answer he calls out again.

Waking she sits up, “Damn, I’m sorry,” she states fixing her hair and shirt.

“No big deal. It’s why we are both drinking coffee now,” he announces handing her one of the mugs.

Instead of taking the mug she brazenly grasped that piece in his pants that had been growing hard. In just the little time she had fallen asleep she gave him enough of a vision for the growth. But not being fully hard he had been sure she didn’t see it.

“I think I would rather have this in my mouth instead,” she stated using her ocean blue’s to stare into him.

“Jaime what are you doing,” Aaron asks taking a step back. No longer feeling steady he needed to put the mugs down.

“What does it feel like,” she answered squeezing him, moving her hand up and down as best she could.

“It feels like you are trying to get us both in trouble. You know with my wife and your dude.”

“No trouble if no one knows,” she stated unzipping his pants. As she reached in to pull him out Aaron stopped any fight he had in him.

“What does your guy think of you working late nights with me,” Aaron asked because he thought of what Sheila would think of him. But he also knew that by eight should would be in a deep sleep with nipples that were too irritated to be touched.

“He knows I would never cheat on him,” Jaime answers looking him in his eyes before inserting him into her mouth.

He watched as he grew harder just from seeing himself disappear between her stunning lips. Her hands worked the length of him as her tongue tickled the head then she swallowed him all the way in again. As he tested her gag reflex she played with the folds of herself. Closed her eyes and enjoyed the length of him against her tongue and the head hitting her throat.

With Sheila completely out of his mind he pulled out and told Jaime to bend over. Obediently she placed her knees into the chair and pointed her ass at him. Before entering he tasted her, made her moan with his tongue then stood to his feet.

For a second he thought about the fact that he didn’t have a condom but couldn’t ignore how good her ass looked.

Not giving himself a chance to come to his senses he entered her hard. Grabbing her arms he held her by her wrist and fucked her relentlessly. Jaime moaned in pleasure letting him know she liked it. Clamping down her warmth and tightness on him making his toes curl but he wasn’t ready to let out. Instead he flipped her over and lifted her up. Sucking her lips he re-entered her while standing.

“Do you hear him Mr. Dobson,” the obstetrician is asking.

“Baby, you hear him,” Sheila questions looking up at her husband.

Aaron hadn’t heard anything. On auto pilot he had driven him and his wife to the doctor’s office. With his thoughts consumed with his misdeeds he had almost missed his son’s heart beat.

“I hear him babe,” and he did. That beautiful rhythmic sound of his son’s heart relieved some of his anxiety. Calmed the thoughts he had been having. He enjoyed that sound with his wife, stayed tuned in for the rest of the visit. Taking one set of the sonograms pictures and happily putting it in his wallet.

Getting his wife back into the car Aaron’s thoughts went back to his looming problem. After that first night with Jaime they had plenty of others nights together. They would spread their juices all over his office, the furniture the floors and soon hotel rooms across the city. First weekdays then weekends. Aaron had become accustomed to their evening tryst and so had Jaime. Then when she wanted to adventure past what they were doing throwing out things like ‘Maybe we could go out and have a drink, see a movie,’ Aaron became less interested. When she started calling and texting sweet messages while he was home with his wife he relieved her of her position.

Aaron began to see that their little fun wasn’t the same for the two of them. Jaime had broken up with her boyfriend and demanding more of Aaron’s time. Aaron wanted to fuck unemotional non hormone induced new pussy and that was it.

He had not only locked her out of the office building but out of his life. Blocking her from being able to call or make any contact with him until one day his phone rings unexpectedly.

“Good afternoon,” the man spoke in a high-pitched tone. “May I speak with Mr. Dobson,” he went on sounding like a car salesman.

“This is Aaron.” Every time he heard Mr. Dobson he thought of his dad. And unfortunately he is still living, breathing specimen. Plus as far as Aaron’s concerned he could keep the name.

“Aaron hi, my name is Lee Becker and I am an attorney hired by Jaime Buckner.”

“Attorney,” Aaron questions sitting up straighter in his chair.

“Yes Aaron. Ms Buckner claims you two began an affair.” Lee paused giving Aaron time to speak in which he didn’t confirm or deny. “She claims that when the situation no longer suited you, you fired her,” he went on.

Aaron again didn’t answer. What did the guy expect him to say? Aaron had never asked Jaime to do anything to or with him. This all started with her, she poured the liquor she made the first move swallowing his dick.

“Aaron,” Lee calls out interrupting his thoughts.

“My name is Mr. Dobson and Lee I will have my attorney contact you,” Aaron said before hanging up on the man.

Aaron couldn’t believe she had got an attorney for some shit she started. She says he got rid of her when it became convenient but he felt he stopped it before it ruined either of their lives. Yet none of that mattered as he put a call in to his personal attorney. Palmer would be livid if he allowed the company’s attorney to handle it.

In the end Aaron ended up giving Jaime twenty grand from his personal account to make her go away. Afterwards he vowed to not touch anymore of the help. Then the company that hires their employees sent in Juliet. Beautiful and chocolate just like his wife. Smart and easy to talk to even if the talk contained a lie to get in her panties.

Originally when she started Aaron admiring her beauty from afar satisfied him. A small bit of satisfaction consumed him seeing the dimples appear in her cheek. Daily he watched her; the way her hips moved, the scent she left trailing behind her. Juliet had undoubtedly caught his attention.

Then out of nowhere, or so it seemed, Sheila’s pregnancy started to take over her body and not just her physique. No she started being tired, pissy, gassy and irritable eighty-five percent of the time. Having sex with her had become more of a chore than a pleasurable moment. And they still had three more months of pregnancy plus weeks of healing.

That thing with Jaime started out of the blue, initiated by her at a time his wife was still able to be bent and fucked in unimaginable positions. Yet the thrill of new pussy felt good.

Juliet he sought out, he needed a release. It had been months since his last romp with Jaime. His wife had gotten rounder as well as sleepier.

With each passing day of his wife’s tiredness, nausea and attitude roller-coaster Juliet began to look better and better. But as much as he wanted to taste her he knew he couldn’t make the same mistakes he had made with Jamie. His next thrill needed to know that he loved his wife, they needed to know that the couple was just going through something that would be over in a few months.

Juliet let him know she would be okay with things going in this direction with each lingering smile she gave.

Just like she had said she hadn’t done much to help in the acquiring of the contract. Yes she had done a correct job in setting up his presentation but that was it.

Drinks allowed him to gauge her reaction if he came on to her. Her acceptance and the fact that she waved off his apology for it let him know they would go farther. Aaron just needed it to be on his terms. Telling her Sheila had cancer held a bigger possibility of things going his way than the truth.

“Aaron, Aaron,” Sheila’s voice resonates through his trip down memory lane.

“Huh, yes baby.”

“Your phone is ringing.”

Tuning back in to reality Aaron hears it also. He had been so lost in Juliet’s reaction to seeing his wife that he wasn’t paying attention to his actual wife. At the doctor’s office he almost missed the heart beating as well as actually seeing his son. He didn’t get to go to all of her appointments and today almost didn’t register with him.


“We need to talk,” is all she says.

“Okay I can be back at the office in an hour.”

“Meet me at my place. I will text you the address,” she demanded before hanging up.

“Awe you gotta go back to the office,” Sheila questions rubbing his cheek.

“Yeah I’m gone take you home first okay,” he lies to his wife.

“You sure? I could go with you,” she tells him.

“I don’t think it will take too long, but I don’t want to have you waiting around. Could be an hour could be three.”

“Its cool. I can take a nap and be rested when you return,” she smiles at him.

“Perfect babe,” he says pulling up to their home then leaning over to kiss her lips. Sheila had always been so understanding.

After watching his wife get safely inside their home Aaron pulls away heading toward the address Juliet had text him. Pulling up to her apartment he wondered what she wanted to say to him. He considered the fact that there had been no yelling or cursing on the phone call so he is pretty optimistic.

“So you had to drop off your gorgeous cancer free pregnant wife,” Juliet questions as soon as she opens the door.

“Shhh,” Aaron quiets her taking a look around.

Entering her home he closes the door behind him. Turning he takes in that she is only wearing a soft pink pajama short set, her hair loose and a glass of wine is in her hand.

“Why would you tell such an elaborate lie? Like you cried and everything,” she yelled.

“Juliet calm down. I can explain,” Aaron reasoned.

“Oh, you can explain? Good lets hear it,” she says calmly turning and giving him her full attention. Sipping her red wine, she hadn’t even offered him water as she waited for his explanation.

Aaron takes a seat on her red sofa across from her beginning to explain, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lied. But Sheila’s attitude has not been good toward me since the pregnancy.”

“She’s pregnant. Hormones everywhere I am sure her attitude is not good to many sometimes but you’re her husband. She is carrying your seed.”

“It’s bigger than that,” he says shaking his head. “She is outright mean and hateful toward me. Cursing, lying and some of this started happening before the pregnancy. I don’t know how much more I can take. And the only reason she showed at the office is because I threatened her with divorce papers.”

“Really,” Juliet questions with no emotion.

“Yes. Juliet you have opened my eyes,” he continued. Aaron had become amazed that he could lie so well, so easily. Sheila has always been and always will be not only the best wife God could offer a man but a perfect partner for him. Attentive, domestic and sexy.

“Juliet I really am sorry,” he says scooting closer to her.

“I know you are,” she says softening her tone.

“You do?”

“Yes. I mean no,” she states correcting herself. “Regardless I shouldn’t have been having sex with someone else’s husband no matter the circumstances. Truth is we both wanted a piece of each other,” she states looking Aaron in his eyes. “We still do,” she says drinking the last of her wine.

“Don’t we,” she questions when he doesn’t answer.

“Yes,” he states licking his lips.

Juliet crawls over to him, climbing into his lap she clarifies, “So we will just continue this until your wife gives birth to your child.

“Yes,” he answers again before kissing her. Pulling her tank top straps down he began to kiss her neck, lick her collar-bone.

He knew he shouldn’t want to be inside Juliet right now seeing as how he supposed to be spending the day with his wife. But Sheila for sure at this moment is enjoying her past time, napping, so why shouldn’t he enjoy his past time of fucking.

Aaron hated the fire that had gone out in his wife but loved the fire he found in Juliet. In Jaime. And someday soon again in his wife. But for now he sucked her nipples as she worked the zipper on his pants.

Standing, still holding her he laid her onto her back to get her out of her panties, which Juliet shimmied right out of. Aaron strokes her with his tongue pulling moans deep out of her before diving into her. He stayed with her through normal business hours. Taking her from the couch to the floor to her bed. Sipped wine with her between rounds and enjoyed every minute of it. Then he went home and had lazy almost doggie style sex with his beautiful loving wife.

The next day Aaron arrived at the office with that same overly excited smile he had the morning after his night with Juliet in his office. Only this time Juliet isn’t there to receive it. As a matter of fact her desk looked a tad bit cleaner than usual. Only thing left behind were the flowers he had sent her.

“Allison, has Juliet arrived?”

“Nope. Haven’t seen her but the conference room is set for you.”

“Okay, thanks,” he answers perplexed.

In his own office Aaron didn’t know what to think. She could be sick he thought then he remembered her glowing and beautiful when he left her apartment.

Aaron checked for missed calls on his cell phone maybe a message unread. When he found nothing he started up his computer hoping Juliet was okay. Just as he thought about calling her an email came up on his computer. Clicking the email an image appeared on his desktop screen shocking him. The image consisted of mixture sound from a man and woman moaning, kissing and grinding came into view. He watched as his hands roamed Juliet’s back knowing the image came from her bookshelf. The timer said the tape went on for two hours and they were only twenty minutes into the evening. To make matters worse the video had pitch perfect sound.

Re-winding the video he could see that it started right after he knocked on the door. Anyone with ears could hear the lie he was telling a woman he thought to be a bit more naive. A woman he thought to be just a lonely girl.

His ringing phone jolted his nerves, gave his system an unwelcomed shock. Aaron felt as if the person on the phone had entered the room and was watching the video with him.


“Hi there, I am looking for Aaron Dobson,” a Lady informed him.

“This is he,” he answers still looking at the replay of his infidelity on mute.

“Hi Mr. Dobson this is Laura Flower, I’m an attorney for Juliet…,” the phone call was like deja vu for Aaron. He couldn’t help wondering how this could be happening to him yet again.

“Ms. Flowers,” he spoke cutting her off. “I will have my attorney give you a call back,” then he hung up on her. He knew what she wanted as soon as Juliet’s name left her lips. Any concern he had went out the window.

As sweet as his dreams were last night the morning has brought his nightmare to life. He couldn’t believe in less than a year he was coming off another twenty grand to another woman when he had a beautiful loving wife at home.

Right away he called Hudson, Nichols and Wilson and got his attorney Jonathan Nichols on the line. He explained to him the good, the bad and the ugly of what was going with his new Jaime situation. Jonathan and his partners were Aaron’s fraternity brothers and they couldn’t have been closer group which he held nothing from him.

“Man you are going to have to learn to keep it in your pants,” Jonathan laughs.

“I know man last time,” Aaron chuckles half-hearted not hardly as amused as Jonathan. Maybe because Jon was being paid for Aaron’s indiscretions while Aaron was coming out of money for pussy.

“It better be because if Sheila ever finds out it will cost you more than twenty grand. That is what we are offering again right? Drawing up papers for her to go away and stay quiet?”

“Yes, please. Her attorney is a Laura Flowers,” Aaron informed him.

“Oh. That isn’t good.”

“Why not?”

“She just specializes in these cases and I’m sure she’s going for more money.”

“Well don’t let her.”

“Aaron what type of evidence do they have on you?”

“What makes you think there is some evidence?”

“Because I know Laura. Sweet lady but she always has evidence.”

“Fuck,” Aaron snapped. “There is a video.”

“Damn man.”

“Was I set up?”

“Possibly. Where was the tape filmed?”

“At Juliet’s apartment.”

“Well man. I am sure you were set up. But what you gone do have a long drawn out case with her? I know your wife well enough to know your marriage will definitely be over.”

Aaron couldn’t believe this bullshit. Couldn’t believe that while he was feeding Juliet lies she was soaking them up, plotting on them. He wanted to be pissed wanted to fight her for his money but the truth is she played the game better than him.

“No. No long drawn out case make it go away quickly.”

“Since we know they have that tape we should discuss a maximum payout.”


“Yes. Aaron this is going to cost you much more than twenty grand. Hell that’s probably what Juliet will pay Lauren for representing her when this is over.”

“Fuuucckkk,” may have come out of Aaron for the fifth time this morning.

“I know man. So I’m just gone throw this out there. Two million dollars,” Jon says simply.

“Do it,” Aaron said with a sigh.

“No problem. And Aaron watch yourself before we need divorce papers,” Jon advised his friend with all seriousness.

“I know Jon, I know. The next time I call you with this problem just draw up my divorce papers,” he said hanging up the phone. If he had to keep paying like this Sheila was bound to find out and no one was worth that. Not Jaime and not Juliet.
No one could have told Aaron this was how his day was gone start after the day before ending so wonderfully. He had found a beautiful girl who appeared okay with his arrangement. His wife has been happy and content with her pregnancy and loving on him hard. Nothing could have prepared him for the flip.
Not wanting to dwell on the situation Aaron got up and checked the conference room Allison set up. After seeing that everything was to his liking he went over his presentation for a new department store’s contract he wanted to snagged. A department store complete with seven floors, photography, a salon and two restaurants in downtown St. Louis.
Aaron didn’t hear from Jon for the rest of the day. As he packed up for the day he assumed everything went well. Juliet had never called and he had never picked up the phone to call her. Instead he called his wife. The one who never set out to get him but helped him rise. When she didn’t answer Aaron assumed she was sleep like always so he decided to surprise her.

On the way home he stopped and picked her up a nice sized edible arrangement, because he knew she would appreciate that more than actual flowers. The chocolate and fruit would put a smile in her belly. He smiled at the thought but hurt at what he had been doing behind her back. He decided to also pick up a bottle a sparkling grape juice thinking they could order a movie and cuddle up, maybe have more lazy sex.

Arriving home he found their house unusually dark. With his hands full he notice a light coming from the living room and figured Sheila fell asleep on the couch watching one of her reality TV shows. What he found was Juliet riding him on the seventy-two inch screen television mounted high on the wall.

Everything in Aaron’s hands went crashing to the ground as he watched himself carry her into her bedroom. Watched as it started over from her crawling onto his lap. No sound just forbidden images in a loop.

“Sheila,” he called out. When he didn’t get an answer he started to check all the rooms. Calling out her name in each one that he passed. Once he made it to their bedroom everything seemed normal nothing out-of-place upon first sight. But as he ventured further in he found things missing from her side of their walk-in closets. In their master bath he saw that a great deal of her things were also missing from her vanity.

“Fuuuucccckkkk,” he screamed out.

Grabbing his phone he dialed his wife for the second time since he got home and still no answer. She hadn’t returned his call or text. He wanted to call her sister, drive over to her parents house but he knew better than that. Her sister would undoubtedly go off on him for what her sister had seen and her father would kill him.

Aaron loved Sheila’s family better than his own and they loved him but he knew they loved her more. Besides he didn’t have any excuse for what he had done. There was nothing he could say that would make this better for her, at least not with an audience.

Picking up his phone he thought of someone else he needed to call, Jon. He had to stop Juliet from getting any of that money.

“That bitch broke the contract already. You have to make sure she doesn’t get any of that money,” he rushed through the phone without a hello.

“Slow down,” Jon answered. “What are you talking about?”

“I just came home ready for a night with my wife and she isn’t here. But you know what is here?”

“No. What,” Jonathan asked completely lost.

“A video of Juliet and I at her apartment on a loop.”

“Shit man,” was all Johnathan could think of in that moment.

“I know. Now you gotta get my money back.”

Jonathan was silent for a moment before asking, “You said it’s on a loop?”

“Yeah man. No telling how many times Sheila watched it.”

“But if it’s on a loop then it’s not the whole video.”

“And,” Aaron questioned not understanding or giving a fuck.

“Do you want Sheila to see the whole video,” he asked his friend. “Possibly with sound,” he added.

Aaron thought for a moment, “But that’s two fucking million dollars and she still does this.”

“Its fucked up but that money is what is keeping your fragile wife from seeing and hearing the whole conversation.”

“So I should just let her have it?”

“Yes. If you want to salvage your marriage.”

Across town a limo pulls up to St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Two women hop out as the driver gets their bags. One girl has long jet black hair and eyes like the ocean. The other a smooth chocolate with valley deep dimples.

“Told you we could get more than twenty grand.”

The girls had paid Laura the first twenty grand for her fee, leaving them to split the two million dollars evenly.

After her tryst with Aaron Jaime was devastated. The man had spent months flirting with her in the beginning. He had a key to her home and heart yet when it didn’t serve him anymore he kicked her to the curb. Juliet witnessing her friends hurt reach out to another friend, Laura. And from there the rest was history. Money in the bank.

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  1. This is a dope read very suspenseful. Funny how the character was looking for different results but constantly in habit form kept doing the same thing. The oyster bar reference was a highlight to me also knowing that’s one of my favorite restaurants! But his wife know his addiction just dealt with it up until she was possibly boldly confronted


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