Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

"Good morning Juliet." "Good morning Mr. Dobson," Juliet responds smiling. Seeing him walk in with that beautiful smile speaking her name the way he does is the highlight of Juliet's day. Aaron Dobson is a rugged chocolate man who stands a good six feet tall and weighs in at about two hundred and fifty pounds. … Continue reading Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

What I’m Thinking: Planned Parenthood Protesters

So today as I am driving down Forest Park Avenue enjoying the sun and breeze of another beautiful day I come to a red light at Boyle Avenue. Which if you live in the St. Louis area you know this to be the corner where Planned Parenthood is located. As I sit there looking at … Continue reading What I’m Thinking: Planned Parenthood Protesters

What I’m Thinking: Change (NewLife)

Change is scary and usually unwelcomed. Unless you're talking about wardrobe change, new lip color, new nail color or moving into your dream home. But even with good change the unknown is feared. What if that color doesn't compliment my skin? What if the house becomes a financial burden? All kinds of things could go … Continue reading What I’m Thinking: Change (NewLife)