Short Story: Intruders The End

"Daniel, what do you mean you don't think he will come here," Natasha questions. She had been playing sitting duck for far longer than she had originally anticipated yet there had been no sight of Marcus. Hell she hadn't even gotten any more anonymous phone calls from someone who didn't want to talk. But she … Continue reading Short Story: Intruders The End

Short Story: Guilty

Anyone who saw John and Jane together witnessed their love. The love these two had for one another wasn't just shown in their eyes but in their regard for one another.  The way they were always touching each other, smiling at one another and sharing moments while the world watched.  Normally the two would have … Continue reading Short Story: Guilty

Bambi’s Books: Meet Mya Wilson of All Their Husbands

"I never wanted to be a mistress. My mother and father didn't raise me to be a mistress. Actually they would kill me if they knew. As the only child of a longtime married couple I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mother of multiple children because being an only child isn't … Continue reading Bambi’s Books: Meet Mya Wilson of All Their Husbands

Bambi’s Books: Meet the Characters of A Friendly Betrayal

"What goes on in my relationship isn't for everyone's scrutiny. This is why I keep so many things to myself when it comes to Sean and myself. None of my friends are in relationships yet they judge. Hell Jas and Nell don't even want to be in relationships. So how could they be so judgmental … Continue reading Bambi’s Books: Meet the Characters of A Friendly Betrayal

What I’m Thinking: Change (NewLife)

Change is scary and usually unwelcomed. Unless you're talking about wardrobe change, new lip color, new nail color or moving into your dream home. But even with good change the unknown is feared. What if that color doesn't compliment my skin? What if the house becomes a financial burden? All kinds of things could go … Continue reading What I’m Thinking: Change (NewLife)