Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

"Good morning Juliet." "Good morning Mr. Dobson," Juliet responds smiling. Seeing him walk in with that beautiful smile speaking her name the way he does is the highlight of Juliet's day. Aaron Dobson is a rugged chocolate man who stands a good six feet tall and weighs in at about two hundred and fifty pounds. … Continue reading Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

Short Story: All Their Husbands 1.5: Stalker

"Danny wants me to meet his kids," Gayla comes out with unexpectedly. Mya doesn't know what to say. This is new territory for both of them. "What do you think? It's too soon right? I mean we only really started dating a couple of months ago." "Well every relationship is different." Since both of them … Continue reading Short Story: All Their Husbands 1.5: Stalker