Short Story: Her Outlet (Part 1)

“Good morning Juliet.”

“Good morning Mr. Dobson,” Juliet responds smiling.

Seeing him walk in with that beautiful smile speaking her name the way he does is the highlight of Juliet’s day. Aaron Dobson is a rugged chocolate man who stands a good six feet tall and weighs in at about two hundred and fifty pounds. Although he has Juliet’s twenty-eight years by at least ten his physique is thick and solid. She could tell that he worked out, ate good and treated his body well.

Every morning Aaron comes in smiling that brilliant bright smile giving all kinds of Rick Fox vibes with that salt and pepper hair combined with a chiseled chin. Then speaking her name through that adoring smile with delicate intent, always causing her to look at him in a way one should never look at their married boss.

Juliet is one of two administrative assistants at Dodson, Palmer and Associates Architecture Firm. The second assistant, Allison, reported to Mr. Palmer and both of the girls kept the men days going smoothly. For Juliet the job is a dream perfect hours, great pay, benefits and serving a handsome man is just the cherry on top.

Aaron has been Juliet’s boss for a mere six months yet they had already built a well oiled rapport.

His coffee already sat on his desk hot, black and with one sugar just like he liked. She had already placed his calendar out with a list of today’s meetings. The conference room has been set up with pamphlets at each seat, coffee, juice, bagels and fruit arranged just needing the covers off seconds before start of meeting. The presentation she had helped Aaron prepare the night before is out with equipment ready to go.

And just like every other day things had moved in a smooth order. Later that evening just as Juliet is finishing up her day Aaron calls her into his office.

“Good job today,” he states with his forever glowing smile.

“Thanks,” she blushes through her chocolate skin. “But you did most of the work.”

“Yeah but I still wouldn’t have been able to pull it off so smoothly without you, so thank you,” he says again with a nod of his head.

“Well you are welcome,” she says.

“Do you have plans this evening,” he questions.

“No,” she states with her mind wandering and her heart beat rising.

“Let’s go for drinks. To celebrate,” he adds. “I wasn’t too sure about things when Jaime left but you have been doing great. And today that greatness helped us get a big contract.”

Juliet felt honored under his praise and if she must say so herself she has been doing a great job. They had acquired both contracts today and returned finished designs for three others. Yes there are a team of drafters working under Aaron but he and Juliet met with the clients, got the contracts for the work and made sure they were done in a timely manner.

“Sure, why not,” she shrugs. She absolutely had nothing to do but go home get in something comfortable fix her single girl dinner, have a glass of wine and watch a movie in whatever order.

The two gather their things and meet at the valet at the Four Seasons were they go to sit out on the roof top of the Cielo. Looking out over downtown St. Louis Juliet had to marvel in the moment. No way would her pockets allow her this leisure experience on a regular but she will be running it by her girls. A splurge once in a while is always acceptable.

“So how was your food,” Aaron asks her once they finish their meals.

“Very good. Thank you.”

Aaron had placed her order with his own. A salmon caesar salad and prime rib with potatoes and the house’s best Cabernet Sauvignon.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he states smiling that smile at her.

“And you really were amazing today,” he adds restating what he had told her before dinner.

“Thank you,” she responds losing count of how many times he made her smile this evening.

Throughout dinner they had talked endlessly about her family and his. Mostly about his parents but never about the wife Juliet knew he had. They talked about college experiences and lasting friendships. He talked as if there wasn’t someone he shared his life everyday life with. Juliet got comfortable. Things began to feel more like a date and she liked it. Aaron embodied everything of the type of man she would want to date. Yet the men who wanted to date her either wanted to play games or she just held no interest in. And not from lack of trying. Juliet would go on a date with just about anyone who would ask. But not many were asking and most she could not see a future with.

“You have a beautiful smile,” he tells her.

“Thanks,” she stammers wondering if she should return the compliment, since she thought it every day.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he apologized only half reading her expression right.

“No its okay. I’m not uncomfortable,” she responds giving in to his eye contact.

The fidgety wasn’t because his stare and eye contact were making her uncomfortable, it actually had her a bit hot and bothered.

The wine, the scenery, this beautiful smart man in front of her. Several times Juliet had to remind herself that this man was someone else’s husband.

As Aaron paid the bill they made a bit more small talk, mainly about work. People at work, things that will need to be done tomorrow.

Walking to the elevator he guided her with a hand at the small of her back. A simple gesture that made Juliet’s heart flutter.

With her fluttering heart they continue to talk.

“How are you liking the job? I have yet to ask you this.”

“Oh I love it. I am learning a lot. Thankful for the opportunity.”

“I must say I was surprised when your predecessor put in her notice for leave. I thought we had a good thing going, I guess I should have been more attentive.”

“She didn’t say why she was leaving,” Juliet questions looking in his face for a reaction or emotion.

“No. I came in one day and she had left a letter of resignation giving her two weeks notice on my desk.”

“Well I have heard nothing but great things about her around the office. Big shoes to fill,” Juliet jokes.

“She did a pretty good job but you are proving your worth.,” he countered watching Juliet closely.

“Well she left things in great order so it was easy moving into her shoes.”

By now they have arrived at Juliet’s car, both lingering just a bit. Leaving Juliet to again have that first date feeling.

“Well thanks for dinner. I guess I should be getting home,” she utters.

“Okay see you tomorrow,” Aaron replies opening the car door for her.

Turning to get into the car Juliet stands face to face with her non date making Aaron only a breath away. Her boss is just tall enough to lean over and forward to kiss her. Which is exactly what he did.

Bringing his palms to her face he pulls her in closer, deepening the kiss. Slowly, sensually he drags his tongue across her bottom lip before their tongues start a slow dance. A sigh from Juliet brings the realization of what she is going on.

Kissing her very married boss she pulls away.

“Sorry,” she apologizes like he didn’t start the adulterous act.

“No, no I’m sorry,” he retorts taking a step back and placing a hand on his notably hard chest. “I never should have done that.”

“It’s okay,” Juliet whispers because it was a good kiss from a handsome man but she doesn’t need him thinking that she would take this any farther or tell anyone. “We can pretend it never happened.”

“Thank you,” he says with a sigh. “Go, get home,” he adds urging her into the car, this time stepping back.

Pulling off Juliet turns her air on hoping to cool off.

Aaron had apologized, they had agreed it had never happened yet Juliet couldn’t stop thinking about it. Once home and in the shower, under hot pulsing water the kiss replayed in her head. The softness of his lips, the rugged way he moved them over hers were all in her head now.

As she brushed her teeth and washed her face the kiss played more. Under her sheets, alone in her bed she thought about the things that could follow a kiss like that. Thoughts that caused her to touch herself and imagine Aaron’s hand roaming her body. She slid her fingers into her honey pot the way Aaron, pinch her nipples like Aaron’s teeth would.

Juliet came to her imaginary version of their love-making before falling a sleep and wanting her boss more.

That next day the duo kept a cool distance from one another. Not avoiding each other but trying to keep limits.

As he did every morning Aaron came in smiling that brilliant smile speaking Juliet’s name. Then he went and closed himself up in his office. Anything he may have had to say to her came through the company’s messaging center, which they hadn’t used before.

There were no presentations set for new clients for the day but Aaron did have a couple of meetings. Juliet went in setup the smaller conference room then would return with her note pad right at the start. At the end of each meeting she would make sure to speak to each of the attendees usually one to three before she excused herself to get other things done. Coming back to clean up once Aaron had gone.

When Aaron wasn’t meeting with clients he stayed closed up in his office working on pending projects or approving newly finished ones.

At five thirty that evening, as the office began emptying and Juliet started packing up her things Aaron called her into his office.

She figured this had to be coming. She took all the blame because she hadn’t stopped thinking about the kiss since it happened and now things are awkward.

“Close the door,” he states taking a seat behind his desk.

Juliet did as he told her before taking one of the two seats in front of him.

“Juliet, I just want to again apologize for last night. It was inappropriate and won’t happen again.”

“I told you it’s fine. I’m sorry too.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“Accepting the kiss,” for liking it she wants to add. For going home and not being able to stop thinking about it.

“No,” he shakes his head standing, putting his hand up.

“You pulled away. This is all me.”

“Eventually I did. I remembered that you are someone’s husband.”

“You remembered what I should have remembered,” Aaron gives with a sigh taking the seat next to Juliet. “It’s just it has become hard at times.”

“Hard? What marriage? Were you expecting it to be easy,” Juliet questions bewildered.

“When your wife doesn’t or can’t fulfill her wifely duties it becomes hard to think of her in a wifely way. And not just sexually. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be telling you this.”

This probably isn’t the most appropriate conversation considering the job roles and relationship Juliet considers. Yet she doesn’t know how she can turn away this obviously grieving man.

Plus she needed to understand what he is saying about his wife.

“Its okay. You obviously need someone to talk to,” she offers. Juliet had never seen a man look so broken.

With his husky frame hunched he holds his face in the palms of his large hands trying to compose himself. Pulling himself together he sits up straight and confides in Juliet, “It’s not okay. My wife is fighting cancer and I am sitting here crying about meaningless needs.”

This revelation just about knocked the wind out of Juliet. She had known a lot of people cursed with the disease in one form or the other. Breast, lung, brain and few with happy endings.

“Sometimes it just gets hard. This last round of chemo has been the hardest yet and we are not done,” he continues.

“Aaron,” Juliet stammers. “I am so sorry,” were the only words she could find to say. Now she understood his up and down back and forth.

“When was she diagnosed,” she probes.

“Three months ago. I miss her,” he cries.

Juliet felt much grief for him. Rubbing his back she hoped to soothe and calm the grieving husband. Sitting in the echoes of his cries Juliet remembered the unnamed appointments and blocks of time in Aaron’s schedule. Before she paid them no mind but now she wondered if they were for his wife’s doctor appointments.

“About three months ago she was getting her breast checked and a lump was found. At first we didn’t worry because she had a cyst in that same breast years before. But when the biopsy was complete we were informed that it was cancer.”

The building around them had grown quite. Chatter and feet patter to a minimum leaving Aaron and Juliet just sitting in his grief.

“The news threw my wife and myself for a loop. It was the exact opposite of what we want right now. We were trying to get pregnant,” he asserts with a sad laugh.

“Now most days she can’t get out of bed let alone have sex,” as he continues Juliet goes to his bar cart and pour them both a drink.

“But again the no sex isn’t what bothers me. It’s the missing my best friend.”

Juliet hands him the glass of brown liquor then takes a drink of her own. She would have never guessed this man was going through this with his wife. The way he smiles every day you would think he was living a picture perfect life.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this,” he says finishing his drink in one gulp.

“No, no its okay.”

“No it’s not. I shouldn’t be burdening you with my problems.”

“Aaron. It’s fine, anyone in your position would need someone to talk to. You need to vent and I am okay with being that person tonight.”

Maybe he did have someone else he could be talking to. Someone more appropriate to share these feelings with. Only he seemed to need to get them out now and Juliet wasn’t going to leave him until she knew he was okay.

“Thank you,” he spoke softly through fresh tears.

Juliet hands him the tissue box from his desk while rubbing his back, giving him comforting and encouraging words.

Drying his face he tells her, “I won’t hold you up any longer. I am sure you have plans.”

“Not really just dinner and a glass of wine,” she laughs hoping to lighten the mood but she gets up to leave anyway.

At his office door Aaron gives her what is supposed to be an appreciative hug. A thank you of sorts but instead a heated electrical wave travels through Juliet.

This is what happens when you go months without sex and an attractive man hugs you. But Aaron must have felt something too because once again his lips were on hers. Unlike last night Juliet didn’t pull away.

As their kiss intensifies Aaron slightly pushes Juliet back into the door.

Tongues dancing Aaron places his hands under Juliet’s shirt. Although cold at first his hands heated up wonderfully upon connection.

But some realization had come to Juliet with the chill.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she announces pushing him away. “What are we doing? You were just crying about your sick wife,” she states catching her breath, allowing her pulse to slow.

“I know, I know,” he responds stepping back, adjusting himself in his pants.

Juliet acknowledges the thickness he holds as he steps back making her heat up again. She had to squeeze her eyes shut and chant that this is someone else’s husband no matter how sorry she felt for his situation.

When she opens her eyes she notices the tears still in his eyes and on his cheeks. Hurt and pain are still etched in his expression. What Juliet saw was that he needed a release, to vent, something that would help exercise his emotions a bit more than words. Juliet took that thought and decided to let everything go and pulled him in. Kissed him to let him know she would be his outlet, let him say the things to her body that he couldn’t say to anyone with words.

“Are you sure,” he questions.

“Yes,” she answers touching his face, pulling him back to her.

Aaron doesn’t hesitate he lifts Juliet and carries her over to his desk. Kissing and caressing her he pushes her skirt up before unbuttoning her top.

Juliet returns the favor helping him out of his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. With his hand up her skirt he begins a trail of kisses down her neck toward the space between her breast.

When he reaches to release her twins a gasp escapes Juliet.

“We must be quiet. Some like to work late,” he states to Juliet with a slow drawl that causes her to throb in all her sensual places.

Soon after the words are spoken his lips suck in one of her nipples. Without stopping he lifts her up and out of her skirt. Using his fingers he penetrates her. Juliet hoped she could remain hush. She couldn’t believe they were actually doing this but she knew she would definitely enjoy it.

Aaron’s tears had dried, focus changed. At that moment nothing in the world bothered him and Juliet was happy to bring him the peace.

His lips move from one nipple to the next before continuing its downward voyage. When his tongue enters her Juliet is sure she is going to lose it. Falling back onto one elbow she puts her hand on his head. Doesn’t move him in any direction just holds on for the ride. Something to grip as she rides the wave of his tongue.

Juliet had stopped thinking of him as someone’s husband but someone who needed her help. Needed her comfort. Someone who could also help her. It had been well over a year since the last time she had been laid and it wasn’t like she was trying to start a relationship with him.

So when he bent her over his desk and glided into her without a condom she didn’t protest instead she lifted a leg to accommodate his over-sized frame.

Aaron laid kisses feverishly on her back as he worked his way in. She was glad he knew his size and didn’t try to just jam it all in. But that didn’t mean she didn’t crave the full length of him. Reaching his hands around he used one to squeeze her breast and the other to rub her clit. Pulling out he put his pointer and index fingers in her, worked her juices out and on her clit before re-inserting himself.

“Do you like that,” he asked as he slammed into her.

“Yes,” she breathed slowly beginning to work herself into him. Aaron continued to place kisses down Juliet’s back as he moved in and out of her. Soon Juliet’s juices were coating the length of him giving an easier rhythm, creating perfect friction.

Before long Juliet’s body begins to shake and the orgasm building in her can’t be stopped and neither of them wants it to. As she begins to moan, begins to work harder into him Aaron places a hand over her mouth.

Fucking her hard when he feels a bite to the palm of his hand causing him to nut also.

Quickly pulling out he ejaculates on Juliet’s ass and crack. A warm creamy feeling that she welcomes.

Aaron cleans her up before they go a few more rounds. The sin had already been done. Juliet knew this wouldn’t become normal, shit it could be another year before she sees another penis and this one was pretty amazing. Surely they had both taken an edge off. They had both vented, found their outlets.

The next day Juliet walks in the office bubbly and on cloud nine, that’s what good sex would do for you. She had gotten it all out and still feeling a sexual high.

Although she was convinced last night would be their only time she wouldn’t object to another round maybe in her bed. Cancer could be a serious long-lived disease.

The day had been going great. When Aaron had come in this morning with his smile a little brighter and Juliet knew that she had done that for him.

Right before noon a beautiful bouquet of two dozen red roses, baby’s breath and tree-fern arrived for Juliet. The attached note simply read ‘Thanks for listening,’ and that was all she needed.

As Juliet sits admiring the flowers wondering if they are an invite to another tryst a woman walks up to her desk. It’s unusual for people to just walk in since most of their clients show only for appointments, but it wasn’t unheard of.

“Hello,” Juliet greets her putting her sex thoughts on hold.

“Hello,” the lady responds. “What beautiful flowers,” she comments.

“Thank you,” Juliet blushes. “They are from a friend.”

“Must be a special friend,” the woman smiles at Juliet wanting everyone to feel the love she feels every day with her husband.

“Well what a beautiful belly,” Juliet comments noticing for the first time the roundness of the lady’s belly.

“Thank you,” now it was her turn to blush. “A gift from my husband,” she states rubbing her belly.

“Must be a special husband,” Juliet jokes.

“He is,” she smiles. “As a matter of fact I am here to meet him for lunch.”

Juliet becomes a little perplexed. She didn’t know Mr. Palmer well enough to say he isn’t married to a black woman. What she did know is this woman is too much for any of the associates at the company. But the woman could be in the right building but wrong office.

Then she confirms.

“We haven’t met. I’m Sheila Dobson,” reaching out her perfectly manicured hand, with her large wedding ring staring Juliet in the face.

Stay tuned for His Headache Part 2

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