Bambi’s Books: Meet the Characters of A Friendly Betrayal

“What goes on in my relationship isn’t for everyone’s scrutiny. This is why I keep so many things to myself when it comes to Sean and myself. None of my friends are in relationships yet they judge. Hell Jas and Nell don’t even want to be in relationships. So how could they be so judgmental of mine is a mystery to me. How could they question my choices with my man without having one of their own? How could they understand the love I have for him until they loved their own. Kennedy believes in love like I do but still not one of them liked Sean. Not even before they knew about the cheating, no even then they turned their noses up at him. That taught me to keep things to myself. When they have men then maybe I will listen to their opinions until then they could keep them to themselves.” -Chrissette owner of Chrissette’s Designing House

“To put it simply, I can’t wait for love to find me. Like literally can’t wait. So much so that I started something I shouldn’t have with someone I shouldn’t have now things are getting complicated. Confusing and complicated and I can’t talk to my friends about it because I haven’t told them. How could I admit to them that I was doing exactly what I had always shamed Penelope for? Then my best manfriend suddenly changed our relationship leaving me one friend short of sharing my woes. Basically I’m ashamed of talking to my girlfriends of my situation and my manfriend would be both biased and uninterested.”-Kennedy, Doctor and clinic co-owner

“Love is a complicated thing. So many factors to be considered in a lifelong mate. I won’t settle for just any love. No mediocre love for me. Not to mention cheating, physical and/or mental abuse, laziness shit other women put up with for the sake of having a dick laying next to them every night. I just can’t. Fucking can come from any penis and pleasure could come from any vibrator. As a life partner I need you to function in a lifestyle compatible with my own as well as adore me. I will not be miserable or unappreciated. I will not share you not as a side chick or a main chick. Yet two men now have gotten around the barriers of my rules, differently but around them none the less. Now what can I do?”-Jasmine, owner of Thomas Realty

“Naw I don’t have a dude and I’m not looking for one. Don’t need the weight of that on my shoulders with all the other bags of luggage I’m carrying. I have spent most of my life feeling alone, being alone until I met these girls. These three beautiful girls that I thought or still think I love. But my actions haven’t shown that love. My lies about who and where I come from before meeting them may not be forgiven. My lies and deceit after meeting them could surely break our circle. I really can’t see this ending well, not the total three of them still loving me anymore.”- Penelope, editor in chief of RavenMagazine

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