What I’m Thinking: Planned Parenthood Protesters

So today as I am driving down Forest Park Avenue enjoying the sun and breeze of another beautiful day I come to a red light at Boyle Avenue. Which if you live in the St. Louis area you know this to be the corner where Planned Parenthood is located. As I sit there looking at the protesters of abortion I wonder how many of these judgemental people have adopted a child or opened their home up for foster. Do they give continuously to organizations who support single parents or feed hungry children. I wonder what exactly are they doing to combat child hunger and child abuse. I need to know what their views are on the welfare system or the fact that Trump is turning back everything Obamba did for healthcare even birth control cost. 

I didn’t want to judge them as they were judging others but how could I not. How did they feel they had the right to tell another person what to do with their lives, with their wombs when they weren’t doing anything to contribute to that baby’s life after birth.

I myself have never had an abortion but I know women who have, for different reasons some medical, some fiscal, some already have too many and some felt they weren’t in stable relationships. I have also seen mental break downs after abortions and needing further medical attention. None of that makes me believe those decisions were easy or that I should have a say in who does it and who doesn’t. How could I feel it is my business to tell them to do anything different?  Maybe abortion isn’t the only answer but how could I make that decision for someone else. How can I hold a position on something I have never had to consider (for the people without a uterus)? 

What I do believe in is the ability for every woman to be able to make that decision for herself. Sure if she is a family member or friend of yours asking you for advice by all means be honest, but be understanding. Other than that unless that is your womb mind your freaking bidness.

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