What I’m Thinking: How Old Is Too Young to Teach Feminism? Or Do You?

Recently I was scrolling through Facebook and found a shared post with a woman saying she was teaching her daughter that if a boy is hitting you on the playground because he likes you it is not okay. Which sure if the little girl is complaining about it, usually because she doesn’t like him, then she should be able to tell him to stop and he should. Anything after that yes is a problem and should be address. But we all remember being in elementray school and being okay with Rashad chasing you or hitting you because he liked you and you liked it but when Billy did it not so much, eewww you told the teacher.

With that being said the lady went on to compare this to an abusive man which I think that is a little extreme. Most abusive men didn’t get this way from chasing and liking Becky in elementrary school yard. No the majority of these men watched and had abusive fathers or grew up in some form of an abusive household.

But this is only my opinion. I don’t have children so I don’t know how or if I would teach it to my daughter. I don’t remember my mom teaching me, but I do remember her showing me the independent woman I could be. Her actions taught me that my decisions should be mine and mine alone. I have learned that my right to stand up for my fellow woman and against things that oppress us also doesn’t mean I can’t be submissive to a man. The right man.

Just a thought, but I would be happy to hear what you think.

Talk to you soon:)

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