What I’m Thinking: 2017

Why do we make resolutions for a future that we aren’t sure about?  How many resolutions have you made over the years that have just gone down the drain before Summer? Before Spring? Sure let’s all make goals but you knew in September that you needed to stop smoking, start eating healthier or even something as simple as spending more time with your family. 

We all wanna make plans for our future, well at least us smart ones do. The next time the new year new me season begins we want to be in a different place. Hopefully somewhere forward to look back and say I did that. Problem is typically God has one plan and we have another. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t set goals. Of course we should. Set goals and watch the direction God takes it. It all comes down to choices. How do you know you made the right choice? If you didn’t will you be offered the tools to still move forward?  These are the questions in my prayer for the year ahead. Have I made the right choices? Will I continue to make good choices? If I didn’t will I be allowed the opportunity to make a different choice toward my purpose?

I don’t know if I believe in making New Year’s Resolutions. I do believe in growing mentally, spiritually and financially.  This year I quit a job that I did everything to hang onto but in turn it did nothing to appease any area of my life.  My first blog Transitioning goes deeper into that departure than I will here. What I learned though was that hold that I had on that job was my problem. I was scared to leave after receiving my degree, scared to start over (still scared). Scared of what life would be like without the imaginary comfort of that job. My fear had me held down by the throat. Deadlocked into believing more needed to be given to me instead of me taking more on !y own.

But today I don’t beat myself up about it. No instead I have just started taking the journey I should have taken years ago. God will eventually make you uncomfortable enough that you have no choice but to move on. And to say I was uncomfortable would be an understatement. But again that hate is in the past as well as  Transitioning my first post. I am moving on to my better path that I hadn’t even seen there.

Another thing I did was cut a friendship of twenty five plus years. Not because I didn’t love the person anymore but because I loved myself more. I don’t want to ever feel the need to be defensive or arguing constantly with someone in any area of my life personal or professional. Leaving that friendship didn’t automatically take away my defensive angry girl mode but it is giving me space to work on it. Leaving me time to make new friends who will support and encourage me.  That end made me so much more thankful and appreciative of the friends and family I do have, that do support me. I love y’all😘.

“Shame is the lie someone told you about yourself.”-Anais Nin

When I first read this I was like ‘what the hell does that mean.’ But after this last year I feel it wholeheartedly.  Don’t let people, places or things define who you are. Don’t become the person negative and bitter people are trying to turn you into. Get out there and define yourself, show your beautiful self no matter how awkward, weird or strange others think you are. The right people, the people you need to love and uplift you will come. Don’t wait till the New Year to make your changes. Every new day is an opportunity to be a new and better you. Work on your mind, body and soul daily and leave things behind that threaten to diminish you in those areas.

All I really want in 2017 is to continue learning, growing and loving. And if you’re not there, whoever you are for what ever reason, that’s ok too, I wish you the best😘

I wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year!




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