Bambi Books: All Their Husbands sample

“So what has your panties today?”

“It may have more to do with who has had my panties in the past.” Taking a deep breath I head in with the details. “The last few months I have been getting phone calls to the house where the person says nothing just breathes. I have gotten more roses delivered and the last didn’t have a card or anything on it.”

“Mya,” Gayla exclaims turning toward me.

“Keep your voice down,” I whispered.

“You know its one of those women or Terrence. How many times have I told you something like this would happen?”

“Many of times and that’s why I didn’t say anything. I’m sure it is but I honestly haven’t seen any of them in more than a month. Since then the last roses have come and the phone calls haven’t stopped.” 

Gayla’s sitting next to me speechless. I can tell she has a lot to say, mainly told you so’s but she’s not that type.

“There’s more.” She doesn’t say anything so I continue. “Today when I was leaving the caller was persistent, just letting the phone ring. Like they knew I was there not answering. Then the other day Mrs. Bailey came to my office.”

“Who is that?”

“Mrs. Jerome Bailey, I think she’s gunning for my bracelet.” I say unconcerned touching the piece of jewelry.

“Mya that’s not funny”

“I know, I know but she just doesn’t seem like the type. She found out a lot about me including my financial standing and where I work. Places Jerome and I have been, things about my parents and this was just what I got out of the conversation. She could know a lot more. Then Mrs. Peterson said some woman was knocking on my door that same day.”

“Some woman? Mya the more you talk the worse this sounds. And you really only seem slightly concerned.”

“I’m concerned but I know I’m not doing anything wrong so they will go away.” She says nothing so I add. “The only description she had was the woman had on a mismatched jogging suit.  I assume it was Mrs. Bailey trying my home first.”

“I don’t know, if she knows you like you say then she knew you were at work. And if you really believe she is so sophisticated, would she have on a mismatched jogging suit?”

“True and I know she is definitely not breathing on the phone.”

“So who else? Dwayne’s wife?”

“Don’t think so, I haven’t seen him since that night he came to my door unannounced. No contact at all.”

“What about Terrance’s wife?”

“Why now I haven’t spoken to or seen that man privately in close to a year, we’re so far removed. I don’t know Gayla I honestly feel like none of them should be bothering me. They should talk to their husband’s about their unfaithfulness.”

What will Mya do? Who is coming for her? Who is ready to fight for their husband?

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