Bambi’s Books: Meet Mya Wilson of All Their Husbands

“I never wanted to be a mistress. My mother and father didn’t raise me to be a mistress. Actually they would kill me if they knew. As the only child of a longtime married couple I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mother of multiple children because being an only child isn’t as fun as it sounds. The cherry on top would be a career that only brightened the smile on my face. 

After high school I had a plan how life was supposed to go and it wasn’t like this. There was supposed to be an incredible man like my daf, a moving career, a big house and kids. I myself considered it a clear vision. Until it became clear that none of it was happening. No husband so no kids. It wasn’t until after undergrad that I realized it wasn’t happening. Getting into law school to follow in my parents footsteps wasn’t panning out as I had dreamed either. With each dream I was missing the preliminary step.

Currently I’m single and working graciously at my father and uncles law firm as the head paralegal. The work part is easy I’m good at my job and slightly fullfilled. The hard part is the being single. Like every other woman I want to walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress as my friends and family watched and crief happy tears for me. 

But mainly I needed to be sexed passionately as well as regularly. Only problem is every time I meet a man he is someone else’s husband, someone else’s boyfriend, someone else’s love. Men who would approach me openly and unashamed of the wedding ring on their fingers seemed to be everywhere. Handsome men with thick pockets who wanted to fill my lonely nights. Men who wanted to buy me expensive gifts and take me on extravagant trips. 

I know your probably thinking the same thing my best friend Gayla is always telling me, buy your own stuff. And I can, Gayla knows I can, but it’s so much more fun when it’s coming from a man swimming in lies to both me and his wife.

The problem comes about when women, upset with their men choices, come taking it out on me. If it is your  husband cheating on you why are you upset and stalking me. Shouldn’t that be taken up with your husband?”-Mya Wilson Head Paralegal at Hudson, Nichols and Wilson 

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